• Proof Frontier Project: Jordan Craig

    Proof Frontier Project: Jordan Craig

    Jordan spent the last few weeks of the year on an epic cross-country road trip with friends. Read on to hear about the trip + how travel has affect Jordan, and scroll to the bottom to see the full Frontier Project!  With today’s technology, we can easily see the world through a phone, computer, tablet, or any electronic device. People often gain satisfaction in seeing rather than fully experiencing. Vicariously living through their favorite explorers on instagram, many of us are inspired but few of us take the necessary steps to become fully immersed in the destinations we fantasize about....

  • The Uganda Project

    The Uganda Project

    Photo courtesy of Travis Burke, @travisburkephotography THE UGANDA PROJECT Hosting eye clinics, spending Thanksgiving in an orphanage, witnessing life changing surgeries, creating memories - Uganda changed us for the better.Explore The Uganda Project Video & Travel Journal to learn more.   VIDEO  TRAVEL JOURNAL  Shop The Uganda Project Shirts

  • The Philippines Project

    The Philippines Project

    Image courtesy of Sam Potter, @captain_potter Do Good Program: The Philippines Project After ten days of squeezing into a van, dancing in orphanages, witnessing life changing surgeries, and becoming a family, we flew back home with bigger hearts and a greater perspective.Dive into The Philippines Project Video & Travel Journal to learn more. Video Travel Journal --- ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE --- Image courtesy of Chelsea Yamase, @chelseakauai Boise, Idaho –​ Proof Eyewear is releasing The Philippines Project Sunglasses on Tuesday, December 15th to benefit the project set for February 2016. Volunteers, including Proof employees, will assist in initiatives to support the communities and people...